Novelties 2012

Initial D 4

Unique in Belgium, here is Initial D 4! Adapted from the famous manga by Shuichi Shigeno, this Sega racing game immerses you in the universe of illegal mountain races on Eurobeat music. Unlike most arcade racing games, this one offers a role play side as each race is preceded by a short sequence where your opponent talks to you. Each duel earns you points thanks to which you can improve your car (if you own the game card) with genuine parts from 5zigen, BN Sports, Border, Bozz Speed, Charge Speed, Enkei, C-West, Jun, Cibié, RS Watanabe, ...

Initial D 4As mentioned previously, an Initial D 4 license is required to improve and tune your car. The license is a save game card distributed by the machine at a price of €1.00. This card allows you to store up to 3 different cars in your garage. It also gives access to the parts store where you can spend points earned during races. Your name and your character's head are printed on the card. During your career, you unlock accessories to dress up your avatar.

If the game seems quite technical at first and the mountain course tricky, you will progress very quickly. Will you become a pro drifter? Besides the story mode, there is a "Time Attack" mode and an "In-store Battle" mode allowing you to confront the other player even if he's in the middle of a a race. Find more info about the game at Arcade Belgium forums

For fans of Japanese cars (Mazda RX-7, Subaru WRX, Toyota Trueno AE86, Lancer Evo, ...), the anime is available in English through Funimation. A feature film is also available on DVD. Let's drift!!!

Novelties 2011

Terminator Salvation

In 2018, war rages between the machines of Skynet and what remains of humanity. Equip your M4A1 and join the resistance in the role of John Connor!

Terminator Salvation (deluxe)For the first time in Belgium: Terminator Salvation! The game consists of two selectable missions: objective of the first mission is to seek and destroy the secret lab where SkyNET conducts experiments on humans. The purpose of the second mission is to escort refugees and destroy SkyNET. The task is difficult because whole armies of T-600, T7-T, Aerostats and Mototerminators stand between you and your goal and a single headshot is not enough to kill a Terminator! Fortunately, you can find grenades, shotguns and heavy machine guns on your way that will be very useful.

The weapon has a magazine of 60 bullets. To reload, you can shoot outside of the screen or press the bottom of the magazine (yellow part). The button on the side of the weapon is used to throw grenades if you have any.

We keep our machine constantly updated, so you get the best possible experience and new features offered by the latest updates as the Expert mode added recently. This game mode is for experienced players and has its own ranking where only killing machines have their place. Are you up to the challenge? Expert mode can be activated at the mission selection screen.

There's no fate but what we make.

Novelties 2007

The Simpsons Kooky Carnival Slam-a-Winner

Two new machines will premiere at Namur's funfair:

The Simpsons are back in Kooky Carnival! In this skill game, you insert coins and guide their trajectory. The goal is the same as for pinballs; you have to hit targets in order to fullfil various objectives. For example, hit the 3 WIN letters to win a maximum number of tickets. If your coin stops in the middle of its way not reaching any target, the playield begins to vibrate allowing it to follow its course. Similarity between Kooky Carnival and a traditional pinball isn't random since it comes from Stern's workshop, a company well known to silver balls enthusiasts.

In Slam-a-Winner, everything is a matter of precision and timing. By pushing the big red button, you throw a ball falling through a tube placed above a rotating platter. This plattern is pierced of several holes of different values. The aim is to time your launch right so the ball falls through the "bonus" hole in order to earn a mountain of tickets or extra balls. But nothing is lost if you miss this hole because the ball will then continue to bounce until it falls through another hole awarding more or less points. This means you win every time!


Giga at Jeux AméricainsIn order to always serve you better, our cranes got an upgrade! Our new Giga cranes are bigger, better lit and feature a newer mecanisme and CD quality sound. From now on, you won't have any excuse to fail catching your favourites gifts!

All the more we always offer the lastest gaming consoles, the trendiest technology gadgets and the most beautiful plushes!

So don't wait any longer; come an try our new cranes, you won't be disappointed!

Novelties 2006

Dead or Alive 2 Millennium

This year, we present for the very first time in Belgium: the magnificent Dead or Alive 2 Millennium fighting game. This is a special edition of DoA 2 that was released in Japan only. Compared to the original, this version has improved graphics, some game fixes and fighter balance adjustments.

Dead or Alive 2 Millennium features: 12 fighters, several costumes per character, gorgeous graphics, tactical and fast combats on several levels, the ability to throw your opponent through the scenery to continue the fight elsewhere, tag battle, ...

Here are the game basics:

Dead or Alive 2 Millennium
  • 3 buttons used are A: Free, B: Punch and C: Kick.
  • To block a blow, push the joystick in the opposite direction to your opponent. If it's a low blow, you have to keep the joystick in the back-down position to protect yourself.
  • Push one time up to jump.
  • Push up or down and the Free button to do a sidestep (useful to evade attacks).
  • Being in 3D, this game allows you to move freely in the combat area. To do this, press the joystick 2x in the wanted direction, keep it like this and press Free. As long as you keep your finger on the Free button, you can walk anywhere in the area.
  • To catch and throw your opponent, stand close to him and press Punch and Free at the same time.
  • The Free button can also be used to counter attacks. Its usage is a bit special: To successfully counter you must block the enemy's attack first by pushing the joystick to the opposite direction, relax it then quickly put it back to the same position and press Free. You'll then counter the attack and hit your opponent back. So for example, if you receive a low kick, you have to press: back-down, relax, back-down, Free.

Dead or Alive 2 MillenniumDifferent game modes for 1 player are Single, Time Attack, Survival and Tag Battle.
When a second player join the game, you can choose between Single Battle and Tag Battle modes.

In Tag Battle mode, you choose 2 characters for the tag. During the match, press simultaneously all the 3 buttons to change between fighters. In this mode, it's possible to do tag moves, tag throws and even tag combos (involving the 2 fighters at the same time). (Push the joystick forward and press the 3 buttons at the same time to do a tag move and when you're next to the opponent, press back and the 3 buttons to tag throw him).

There is still much to say about it but now you're ready to fight! Without any doubt, this series fan as well as fighting games lovers can't afford to miss this game! So alone or with pals, come and enjoy Dead or Alive 2 Millennium! Kasumi and her friends are waiting for you!

Some codes with interesting effects exist, try to find them!


Novelties 2005

Ghost Squad

Go go go! Fight terrorism through 3 missions; "Grand Villa", "Air Force One" and the "Jungle" where you'll sometimes have to use thermo and night visions.

The cabinet features an assault riffle having 3 different shooting modes (single shot, 3 shots burst and full-automatic) which you can switch between at will. There's also a special action button used to launch grenades, defuse bombs, fight hand-to-hand, ... An IC card (available at the desk) saves your progress while offering you the ability to rank up, unlock extra uniforms and weapons, replay a mission differently (e.g. by following an alternate path) and allows you to display all your data on the internet world wide ranking.

How to use the IC card:

  • Purchase a card at the desk.
  • After having inserted a coin, press the "Start" button. A screen appears where you're asked if you want to use a card or not.
  • Insert your IC card. The game checks its validity and ask you to enter your name. You can also choose one of the 2 costumes available right from the start. You'll unlock others while you play.
  • When the game is over, wait for "Game Over" to be displayed on the screen then pull the gun's trigger to eject the card.

Good to know:

  • The IC card remains valid for 100 games. After, you'll have to transfer the data to a new card.
  • While playing, you gain experience points and rank up. You begin your career as "Private" and can reach the ultimate rank of "General of the army".
  • When you rank up, you unlock a new costume or a new weapon that you'll be able to select before starting your next game.
  • Below your life bar is the "GS meter", play well (accurate and fast shots) and you'll fill up the gauge. When its full, a new firing mode will be added to the current weapon.
  • Talking about firing modes, remember you can select your shot at anytime during gameplay by using the according button on the weapon. Attention because for some firing modes, the ammo quantity is limited.
  • A worldwide ranking is available through the game's official website. When your game ends, take note of the password given on the screen and enter it at this URL to make your performance appear in the ranking:
  • To learn more about this game, read the available manual on Gamemasters website.

Keep an eye on this page because Jeux Américains has other surprises for this year!